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Long Beach concrete

Build, install, repair, resurface & repaint


Dear property owner,

Hey there – we’re Long Beach Concrete – the most experienced residential and commercial concrete contractor in the area.

The company was founded because the owner was unable to find a contractor he trusted to tend to his concrete project.  It is our mission to accommodate your project with the skill and precision you deserve, no matter how large or small, complicated or simple…we are here for you.

When you’re as passionate about something as we are about running a quality-driven Long Beach concrete company, it shows.  There aren’t many, if any, projects we don’t do.  Here are some of the concrete surfaces we install and repair: basement floors, carports, driveways, garage floors, custom patios, pool decks, retaining walls, sidewalks, walkways, and walls.

There is a myriad of options you’ll have these days when you go with concrete.  Stamped-cement mimics the look of marble or other materials but is far less expensive.  Still, you can achieve the same look.

Staining concrete has been a popular look for several years now.  It goes right along with a rustic appeal.  Concrete can be painted too so you can color coordinate your porch, patio installation, or even your deck. 

You can choose any shape and size you’d like your project to be.  We can bring anything you please to life.  And, if you aren’t sure what it is you’d like, it’s a good thing you have the most experienced concrete services in Long Beach, CA on your side.


Having a nice, serviceable driveway is very important.  If you’ve even been stuck in the mud or had you windshield pinged by gravel because you (or someone else) didn’t have a good one, you know how vital it is. Our concrete driveway installation service will create that perfect private road that accesses your home or business from the road.  You, the owner, are responsible to keep it in good repair.  If a vehicle is damaged or a person is injured because of your negligence, you can get into legal trouble.

Concrete driveway installation is something we do a lot of us locally.  We are experts in long, winding, and even sloping driveways and basic drives too.  We can accommodate driveways that need to be equipped to handle heavy loads and high volume traffic as well. Whatever look you’d like for your home’s driveway to have, we can do it.  Would you like it plain, stained, or hand-stamped?  Maybe you want a custom design.  We do it all.

If you have an existing concrete driveway, but you want to make sure it’s protected, we can seal it for you and add lots of life to it.  If your drive needs repair, just give us a call. We resurface driveways that are falling apart.  You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive it is to have you old driveway looking as good as new again.

Walkways pave a path for pedestrians or bikers.  They not only provide a safe place to stroll, but they save your lawn and garden area too.  Walkways can be strictly for aesthetics when they are curving around your property or, they can be both beautiful and practical – like a walkway going from your gazebo to the pool and from your back porch to the gazebo.  New walkway construction will make your property nicer, more accessible, and more valuable.

We are pros at laying walkways that are specially designed to fit the exact look and feel you want.  We can stamp, stain, broom, or custom-carve the concrete in any fashion that pleases you.  Choose any shape and size.  We’ll go the extra yard to make your yard look great. First, we’ll ask what your plan is.  If you are unsure, we’ll help you design a wonderful walkway.  Then, we clear and level the ground.  Forming it is next and must be done with expertise.  We then pour the concrete, trowel it, and begin working it into art.  Once it is all perfectly intact, it begins to cure.  The process of drying takes several weeks to meet completion.  In the end, you have a walkway that will last for decades. 


Do you need to keep the lake or ocean from spilling and splashing onto your property, taking precious soil every time it does?  Maybe flooding is an issue in your yard, or erosion.  Perhaps your property is sloped and you wish to add a wall to make it more uniform looking.  Or, you may just like the aesthetics a tapered wall brings to your residence or place of business.  Whatever the case, we can build a beautiful planter wall that will serve the purpose. Our expert retaining wall builders are ready to do it.

Concrete retaining walls are the best because they last for decades.  They are basically unaffected by the weather and water and are able to keep water and soil out or in, whichever is needed.  Concrete looks great too.  You can achieve whatever look you want with it by staining, stamping, or having it customized.  We are highly skilled at forming walls in all shapes and sizes – on even the most rugged terrains. 

How about building a patio for your property? Suddenly you bring more living space outdoors.  No one wants to go sit in a patch of grass or weeds but everyone enjoys a nice patio.  Concrete is an excellent choice of building material to use for a patio.  It practically lasts forever and the sun that frequents the Long Beach climate doesn’t harm the surface like it can with other materials.  You can add a customized touch by staining or stamping.  You can even make the surface reflect heat so you can use the area even when it is hot and sunny.

We can design your patio however you’d like.  Choose any shape and size.  We can add whatever finishing touch to it too. If you already have a patio but it needs concrete repair or resurfacing, contact us.  We can make it look revived and gorgeous again.

If you have a pool, you’ll want a deck too.  A concrete pool deck is an extension of your pool.  It’s where you get in and out and hopefully not fall when you’re strolling by before you take a dip.  It should reflect your pool’s design and also, add even more fun and function to it.  It should be beautiful and safe.

Concrete is the obvious choice when it comes to poolside decks.  There is a tremendous amount of water that gets on a deck not to mention the weather it’s exposed to.  The surface holds up better than any other material for the price. And if you need non-slip, we can add a Kool deck knockdown spray texture.

You can give your deck any look you’d like by selecting stain, paint, stamping, and other custom options.  We can give the surface of the deck a brushed effect that is gorgeous and adds traction.  We can give your deck a finish on the surface that makes it heat-resistant and also can make it skid-proof.  We also can come out and seal the surface every few years to extend the life of the deck.

We take great pride in bringing old decks back to life too.  We are pros at repairing and resurfacing.  Contact us to see if your old pool deck is a good candidate for our custom pool deck repair or restoration.

We strive for perfection.  Our goal is to go over and above your expectation to deliver a project product that is second to none.  We want to grow a relationship with you so you tell your friends and family about us and come back time after time for all your concrete needs.

Contact us today for a free estimate on any of our services.

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