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Our team of professional concrete contractors are ready to knock your project out of the park. Give us a call and see why we’re the top concrete company in Long Beach, CA.

There are many people who, like our owner A.J., decided to embark upon a concrete project on their own without having any training.  Generally, doing so turns out to be a monumental mistake. 

One of the main issues individuals run into is that they don’t use a top-quality formulation in the mix.  Also, they don’t get the proportion of the mix correct.  Another problem is that before concrete can go down, the ground has to be completely cleared and leveled.  Then, the forms go in at precise locations.  When the concrete is poured, things get really complicated because the wet substance begins to dry, or cure, the minute it comes out of the mixer.  If there is even one fault in the project, that is too many.  If everything isn’t perfect, the project is botched.  There is no re-do after the concrete is poured.

Save yourself money and time by trusting the pros upfront. Call now for a free estimate.