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Concrete Driveway Installation & Repair Long Beach CA

We are proud to offer concrete driveway installation services in Long Beach, CA.  We realize the importance of having the work done to perfection from the ground up because the lack of perfection on a job was the very reason the company was founded. 

Some years back, company owner, A.J., attempted to pour his own driveway.  Almost immediately, the project went south.  Soon his H.O.A. committee was there to welcome him to the neighborhood by slapping the rules into his hand.  Quite frankly, he would have abandoned the project even without encouragement from the group.  The concrete was cracking from the start and the surface had more bumps and bubbles than he would ever want to drive his new truck over.  It was time to take action.  And…he did.  He became an expert at laying concrete driveways and at perfecting most all other types of concrete projects too.

A.J. is passionate about getting concrete right, especially driveways.  From clearing the land, driving the stakes, pouring the quality cement, and making sure it is smooth and level, you’ll find our Long Beach concrete service is team made up of experts at doing what they love.

Your driveway is visible to the entire neighborhood.  Be sure it’s a delight, not a fright like A.J.’s was initially.  Make a great first impression with a beautiful and safe driveway.  Driveways also add value to your home, well…or not.  Make sure yours does when you turn to us for your concrete driveway needs – commercial or residential.  We’ll take care of the details…you can trust us to make sure your driveways makes a positive statement.

commercial concrete service long beach california

Concrete is one of the strongest, most resilient building materials known to mankind.  It is affordable, especially when compared to cobblestone or slate.  It is easy to clean – simply hose it down occasionally and use a scrub brush and a little soap when needed.  It is also very versatile.

Sealing your concrete driveway every two years adds even more life to it.  In the event it cracks or chips over time, repairs are no big deal and are very inexpensive.  When it has reached the end of its natural life, we can resurface it and make it like new again.

We still find it very exciting to play with all the choices that are now available with concrete.  While it used to be boring and basic, that has changed.  Call now for a free estimate.