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Concrete Patio Installation & Repair Long Beach CA​

Ask our team to handle concrete patio installation in Long Beach, CA.  We’ll ensure you have a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors.  A patio extends the usability of your property. It becomes an area you can enjoy versus a place no one ones to go to.  It provides space to barbeque, entertain dinner guests, hang out with the family on for game night, and a retreat where you can read a good book and sip a steamy cup of coffee.

Concrete is a wise choice for a patio building material.  It is durable, lasting for decades despite the hot sunny weather common to Long Beach.  When it’s dirty, hose it off.  Got a stubborn stain?  Scrub it with a brush using sudsy warm water.  If it gets really dirty, use a power washer. You can extend the life of your patio by having it sealed once every two years.  Doing so will keep the elements out and will have it looking pristine. Concrete is also affordable, costing much less than some alternatives like slate, marble, and most wood.  And when it has reached the last of its natural life, our concrete contractors will come resurface it for you and you’ll have a patio that looks practically brand new.

You’ll have a world of choices in styles when you build a concrete patio.  You can have it laid in any size and shape you’d like – from basic to unique.  There are a ton of fashion options too.  You can have it stamped with a design in it or colored in any color you’d like.  You can mimic the look of marble, have it hand-crafted, or achieve most any other look you want.  We even offer a brooming effect that makes the surface look and feel like a broom swept over it.  This style provides extra traction too.

The job isn’t finished until we put the finishing touch on it.  We can add on a skid-proof finish that will keep you, your family, and your guests from slipping and sliding, especially when wet.  We can also put a finish on the surface so it repels the heat too.  Want a shiny coating?  We can do that too.  If you can imagine it, you’ve got it.

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When you go with Long Beach Concrete for your concrete repairs or construction projects, you’re choosing the best.  Our highly skilled masons are more than able to handle any job you have can imagine, residential or commercial.  You can trust us not only to do the work to perfection but to treat you with the utmost respect as well.  Our team members are extremely courteous as are our customer service representatives.

We do business with one thing in mind…you.  You are who makes it possible for us to do what we are passionate about.  You’ll never feel second best when you make LBC your concrete contractor.  And that’s a promise. Call today for a free estimate.