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Concrete Pool Deck Installation & Repair Long Beach CA​

Look to our team of professional contractors for concrete pool deck installation and repair services in Long Beach, CA. Once upon a time, concrete was NOT such a great choice when it came to construction material for a pool deck.  Concrete in the olden days was less than desirable because the formulation wasn’t perfected.  It was slippery, boring, and many concrete pool decks cracked and chipped right off due to low quality concrete and the lack of skills in workers who laid it.

Those days are long gone.  Concrete is an excellent choice for a pool deck now.  In fact, it is trending in California and all around the nation. Projects done by this residential concrete company last for years.  Savvy consumers are tired of wasting their money on high dollar projects that don’t hold up to Long Beach’s climate.  Instead, they are spending their money wisely on durable materials, like concrete, and using the money they saved for things that are more fun – like sailboats and cruises.  Yes…you can save THAT much on large pool deck projects when you opt for concrete.

It’s important for your pool deck to support your pool.  If the two don’t flow together, horrible things can happen.  A faulty pool deck can cause your pool to crack and faulty pools can cause problems to the foundation of your home.  You need someone who knows what they are doing to put a high-quality concrete pool deck in – no way around it.

concrete pool deck repair long beach ca

Kool Deck Application & Pool Deck Restoration Work

As we all know, California is famous for setting the styles for the rest of the nation.  In clothing, home decorating, and in what’s cool and not cool for the pool area too.  Concrete is the new trend for a myriad of good reasons.  Along with being affordable and durable, it’s fun to design. You can have most any look you want for your pool deck with concrete.  You can give it a stain or have it colored.  You can have it stamped to resemble marble.  You can have a decorative finish put on it.  Your deck can look rustic, modern, classic, or luxurious…take your pick. If you’re worried about the surface being slippery, worry no longer.  We can put a skid-resistant finish on it.  We can also add a heat-resistant finish so the surface doesn’t burn your feet when you walk barefooted across it in the hot summertime.

If the time has come that your existing concrete pool decks needs a facelift, contact us.  We will be happy to have a look at it to see if it is a candidate for resurfacing.  Resurfacing is much less expensive than new construction and your deck will look as good as new when we are finished. 

We believe in earning your business, so just watch how amazing our pool deck construction looks.  We never take our customers for granted.  Our concrete company was started because the owner could not find any contractor he trusted to complete a project he botched.  We are a leader in the concrete industry today because we want to be your “go to” for all your concrete needs. Call now for a free estimate