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Concrete Walkway Installation & Repair Long Beach CA​

Long Beach Concrete can handle concrete walkway installation or repair. A walkway is the first surface someone steps foot on when they visit your home or business.  A beautiful, well-maintained walkway tells visitors you care about them because you’ve taken the time to make the path attractive and safe.  Even appraisers understand how important a walkway is because having one increases the value of your home.

Walkways line out a path on your property.  They get you from your driveway to the front door of your house, from the back door of your house to the pool, from the office of your business to the warehouse, or to and from most any other location of your place to another. One of the most favored construction material for a walkway is concrete.  It’s a strong material with a surface that can last for years. Concrete holds up to the elements of the outdoors.  In the Long Beach, California area, the hot sun is a factor as is the rain and chill of winter.  Concrete is virtually unaffected by climate and doesn’t suffer when water sits on it for an extended time either.

It is very easy to clean and maintain concrete.  There’s practically nothing to it.  Unlike wooden walkways that require continuous cleaning and refinishing, concrete can be cleaned with a hose and water.  The surface can be sealed every few years to add an extra layer of protection to it as well. It is also very affordable.  It costs a fraction of what wood, slate, and most other walkway materials cost.

If you’re thinking concrete is dull and boring, think again.  It has come a long way in the past ten years.  Now, you can have any look you desire.  Concrete can be stained, colored, stamped, pattern, and overlaid.  We can design your walkway in any shape or size too. 

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Trust The Expert Footpath Builders Here

Walkways should be built of a solid, smooth surface so they are safe.  A cracked or chipped walkway can be more dangerous than not having one at all.  If you have an existing walkway that needs some tender loving care, contact us.  

We can repair or resurface your walkway quickly and inexpensively.  It is much better to be safe than sorry.  We’ll help you avoid the customer lawsuit from tripping & falling over a crack.

Falls are one of the most common cause of injuries on both residential and commercial properties.  Faulty walkways can lead to serious injuries and those can lead to expensive lawsuits that could have easily been avoided.  Let us fix your walkway before it’s too late.

We are experts in making beautiful, durable walkways.  We will even help you design your dream walkway if you’re not sure exactly what you want.  Walkways are complicated to construct because they require precision at every turn from planning, leveling, and laying the stakes to pouring and curing.  But that’s no problem for us.  That’s what we do.  Let us do it for you…you’ll be glad we did.